Fusion Uncut Fusion Uncut

Speaking volumes about you and leaving lasting impressions with the beholders, Fusion is a polky uncut diamond ornament collection that blends nature's finest diamonds and precious gems with the purity of gold. Apollo offers buy-back guarantee for gold as well as gems.

Haya Haya

Traditional Arabian craftsmanship comes to life in the Arabian Manthourah Collection. Adorned with pearls and corals from the depths of the Arabian Sea and imbued with special enamel colours, this collection is a tribute to the rich legacy of a great culture.

Vintage Vintage

This spectacular collection takes you back to the glories of a bygone era. Drawing heavily on the cultural legacy of India, these works of art in precious stones and pearls are perfected by the skilled craftsmen of Apollo.

Arsha Arsha

An inimitable range of jewellery comprising unique Kerala ornaments like Palakka, Poothali and Nagapadam. This collection is a real feast for your eyes.

Rare Rare

Studded with precious gems like Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Pearl and Coral, this enticing collection adds a touch of distinctiveness to your personality.

Twinkle Lite Twinkle Lite

An unmatched collection for your little ones, featuring light-weight Italian designs to add elegance to their looks.

Antique Antique

Bengali Collection Bengali Collection

 Kerala Tradition Kerala Tradition

Bombay Collection Bombay Collection